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About Us

WELCOME TO THE HEALING TEAM! Help yourself and others to achieve optimal health and healing by sharing physical, mental & spiritual knowledge, as well as support to facilitate the process. The focus is on cutting edge news, conventional and adjunctive options; awareness and support, as well as prevention, since stress and obesity and other causal factors can prevent, reduce the incidence and severity of illness. For example, poor diet and obesity can lead to diabetes. We focus on awareness and support.

The goal of the HEALING HOPE TEAM is to bring true healing to the world, by increasing one’s awareness of how to heal and achieve and maintain optimal health. We support living a healthy, whole and happy life, from getting the ‘right start’, to keys for anti-aging/longevity. We have formed a directory of the top physicians and healing practitioners to present the best tools and a member network of support for achieving your health and healing goals. We hope to assist you with the right team and tools for optimum success, from fitness/weight management to prevention and natural cures.

How can you help? Please JOIN THIS SITE as a member and send a message, ‘healing hug’, card, blessing, or gift to help others to heal. Post or support a need, goal, cause or event. Contribute a ‘success story’, article, link, or video. Recommend a physician or healer who has helped in the health and healing process. Recommend or rate a service, product, facility, foundation, or resource.

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Invite others to join so that we can ‘help to heal the world’, for when one is helped it is if the world is healed. Let’s reach 2 million people and see how many people we can help!