my success story

My success story

I started writing non-stop, while in ICU regarding what I had learned from my personal ‘911’ health scare/close brush with death. I realized my purpose and started on my healing journey and mission to bring true healing to myself and to the world after my close brush with death 5/5/2008 which has had a profound effect on my life-…….

My Healing Journey began On May 5th, (my personal day of distress, ‘MAY DAY” or ‘wake-up call’), I had a pulmonary /bronchitis episode that left me without the breath to call ‘911’ for help. This frightening, and life-altering experience has changed my thinking and my life. My pen would not write fast enough and even though most people in ICU just convalesce, I was flooded with ideas. Even while hooked up to heart monitors, IV’s, oxygen, and the works, after the first day, I was not tired or scared any longer, but to the contrary, I was ‘awakened’ and energized. Now, thank G-d, I am well and had been asked to write for the International Women’s Magazine, MNow.
I love helping others and ‘spreading the word’ and what better topic to disseminate information about -than wellness-health and healing. What I learned through my healing process….. I now know how health and healing, needs to come first and foremost, for without our physical, mental and spiritual health everything and everyone else suffers and becomes irrelevant and secondary. I always had put myself and my health last, until I had no choice. I want to now prioritize my health in order to live a healthy, happy and fulfilled life. My life was to become a crusade…and although crusades are never easy, I know that the same power that took control of my heart and my pen that day at the ICU still guides my every move. The vehicles had shown up one by one. When we have faith, focus on the right things, selflessly give, and are open to receiving, the wheels are set in motion and miracles start to happen. I learned how important it is to be actively involved in your own health care, and the value of research and self-education.
I know there is a lot to do regarding how to facilitate and expedite healing, from having to find items such as a nebulizer- to a home emergency medical alert unit to dispatch emergency medical care, to a portable health record device to give information to caretakers/medical personnel when you are unable to, When the paramedics arrived, I was unable to speak as they were putting a mask on me, and injecting me, etc, and I also did not have the breath to answer where my ID/ license and wallet were; who my physician was, the medications I was on, what meds I was allergic to, which ER/hospital to go to, who my emergency contacts were, and other critical information. (Please see info on this site for further information regarding these devices that I now have and recommend others have, BEFORE they need them; before it may be too late as almost occurred in my case), I also researched and found the best and most inexpensive allergy free products for the home, including mattress and pillow encasings, laundry detergent to kill dust mites, and many other items to eliminate things that might trigger a toxic reaction.
BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE or assign an advocate—-Only because I inquired after reading a poster on my pulmonary physicians wall what “IGE levels’ were, I was informed ‘yours are probably too high’. I asked if there is anything that would lower them, and that simple question led to my now receiving monthly XOLAIR injections that have improved my lung function and health. I also spent hours on the phone to get my insurance to cover the one thousand dollar a month injections. I also learned the importance of monitoring and recording my medications and treatments, and consequently diverted missing a critical respiratory treatment.
I wish that I had the knowledge as well as all of the above, especially the items to provide help in emergencies, before instead of after the fact! Love and Support promotes healing— Nothing meant more to me than the calls, visits, words of support, wisdom, kindness and gifts from family and friends. From friends old to new, who called when they heard I was ill, to people I worked with and acquaintances who expressed caring, concern and kindness, I learned what I always knew, but somehow had forgotten at times, how important it is to have support and to have others there for you, and vice versa-to be there for others to lend a ‘helping hand’ and ‘healing hope’.
MIND -BODY CONNECTION– I also learned to ask for help rather than being who was usually worrying about everyone else and giving help. Every call, e-mail, flower, magazine, CD, DVD, IPOD, and stuffed animal cheered me up and helped reinforce my need and will to heal and get back ‘to life’. Re-connecting with loved ones, and surrounding yourself with positive people and positive energy, while eliminating the toxic people and things from your life is another thing that I experienced is of utmost importance. Thinking and believing in positive thoughts and outcomes is also essential. Your thoughts have a direct impact on your body/health, and I learned firsthand how powerful the mind-body connection and ‘will to live is’ I have many books, tapes, resources now to empower me in thinking positive and it has made a big difference on my spirit and physical well-being. I learned the importance of listening; being so short of breath I also learned how to choose my words more wisely and was ‘forced’ to let others do most of speaking. I learned how to listen in a new, more intent way and learned things that I might have missed otherwise.
There are also additional things I learned out of need, from big to small from information regarding-diet-including healthy diets, healing foods & recipes; exercise-from healing exercises, to tai chi, chi gong, and reflexology, energetic and meditation tools, medical & health care products-i.e. nebulizers/ air purifiers/water filters to natural/homeopathic cures; to breathing exercises & stress/pain management, psychological intervention, and spiritual healing via prayers, to ‘the AMEN party’/project/ and manual for helping others to heal via prayer and support. Lastly and most importantly, I learned regarding the power of re-connecting with the soul and the ‘power of prayer and divine intervention’ . When I was unable to breathe or speak, and went into sinus tachycardia, it was then that I turned and I saw a postcard on the floor in my pile of mail that had a picture of a rabbi and said ‘SOUL POWER”. In my moment of thinking my life was coming to an end, divine intervention interceded and I was reminded to pray, I asked G-d to let me live if I was supposed to, and I asked for the breath to be able to call for help, It was at that moment I was able to whisper into the phone and give my address to ‘911’. I thank G-d for answering my prayer and keeping me alive until the paramedics arrived, I also am grateful there was someone at the front desk, who found my spare key in the office to let the paramedic into my apartment in a timely manner. Thus everything lined up for me to get emergency help and to the ER in time to get on IV steroids, IV antibiotics, oxygen, all the medicine and pulmonary treatments needed, I was in ICU and had to get pulmonary treatments every 4 hours, and my blood sugar tested every few hours due to the steroids, etc. Through it all, I ended up re-connecting to my spirituality, religion, the power of prayer and the Divine. Two volunteers visited me from the Miami Jewish Federation and gave me prayers for healing, which served as a great source of solace, and strength till today. I am still wearing my red string that a friend came and tied on my wrist as he said a prayer for healing and protection. I was also just reminded recently by Nili, to read Psalms (Tehillim), daily, which ‘is the real treasure that allows for true healing to come down’. I also was informed regarding what other specific prayers to read and add.
THE GOAL The two lines I wrote after being sent home from the hospital,
I HAD TO GET SICK, IN ORDER TO GET WELL” and ‘I HAD TO ALMOST DIE, IN ORDER TO LEARN HOW TO LIVE’, I truly believe I lived & am here for a reason…..and I want to use my networking skills to spread the word, and help to give the gift of life and health to others. My purpose/mission in life has become apparent, and I hope you will assist in spreading the word of healing and health! I thank those who helped me when I was in need, for being there via your calls, prayers, visits, gifts, support, etc, It made all the difference in the world to me, and I truly wouldn’t have made it without it, Next Steps A forum and network will be established starting via this magazine, and a healing web-site is being completed to provide direct and easy access to information, community and professional support, and resources for diagnosing/early detection, prevention/ remediation, and healing on all levels— mentally, physically and spiritually. There will be direct links to affiliated local, national, world foundations, resources and religious organizations. There will be a ‘message board’ or forum for those who want to place a request for help in healing from anything small to big, including a healing prayer; an AMEN manual or visit i.e. AMEN party to help heal; to a ‘healing hug’, and ‘healing card’ -which can be sent on-line, mailed or personally delivered.
THE MISSION—will include expert healers, cutting edge information , and therapeutic tools/products to facilitate the healing process including increasing independence in self -care, strength, coordination, balance, endurance, as well as information to facilitate diagnosing and healing from supplemental i.e. AI Minerals, to traditional care ( strengthening , range of motion, balance, energy, self-care, pain reduction) to compiling/sending ‘healing hospital packages’ to ‘healing packages for home) to alternative treatments, i.e. acupuncture, Reiki, Feldenkrais, reflexology, biofeedback, energy healing ,kabbalistic healing, and other techniques and products that have proven to be effective, will be presented in addition to conventional treatment and medications.
WHAT YOU CAN DO -We hope you will become a part of the ‘Healing Team Inc”, network’, and ‘on line projects’ we plan to set up plus LIVE BROADCASTS and events! Your involvement means everything to us; to those who need help; and to healing the world; for even if only one person is helped to be healed, it is as if we have healed the whole world. HOW YOU CAN BE INVOLVED
-HEALING HELPERS—–HEALING HOPE TEAM AMBASSADORS—please Contact us to share a ‘healing story—-— –or how prayer, and/or divine intervention affected you or someone you know’; Recommend healing products, professionals, services and/or information regarding something that has been instrumental in early detection or in the healing process. Become part of the ‘Healing team’, via research help needed; and/or providing resources, products, and/or services to help research and charity foundations and/or any individual in need who is suffering, and/or physically, psychologically and/or spiritually ill or disabled and needs help and/or support. Volunteer to help others to heal; whether it will be to send a healing prayer, a healing card, a healing hug, etc and/or via donations anyone would like to make to any individuals and/or groups or foundations i.e. RYANS project on the site for LUNG AWAREESS…-to the AMERICAN LUNG ASSOCIATION. Your ideas and help are welcome! ! To heal the world is no small task, it is a work in progress.
MAY YOU BE FILLED WITH HEALING HOPE AND MAY YOU AND THE WORLD BE HEALED! 1-Home unit to dispatch medical help in emergencies-please contact me for best option; 2-Medflash-portable medical record unit/ flash drive- ‘your personal health record’, to provide critical information to those caring for you ‘when seconds count’! Secure and HIPAA compliant , easy to use, and program Medical information, living wills, MRI and other test results can be entered and easily updated. This unit is also not web based and can be accessed via telephone, etc. Please contact me for details-or to order please go to Please feel free to contact me at: Cindy Miropol, HEALING TEAM INC, , 305-794-9737. A Special Heartfelt Thank you to Miriam Liederman /Amen Project, Rhonda Rose Drexler, Sandie Witmer- and Jolie Cummings, Liz Carlson to name a few for helping me to try to ‘condense’ things for this article and as my helpers… I started writing non-stop, while in ICU regarding what I had learned from my personal ‘911’ health scare/close brush with death.

LIFE SAVING TOOLS – Preventive devices and other essential tools to save lives and for optimal health & healing

“The use of love is to heal .When it flows without effort from the depth of the self, love creates health”

I have been led along the way in my healing journey to many products that can be life saving; life altering, life enhancing and life extending. Preventative measures and emergency devices are the first things I recommend for safety and being able to get the right help when needed, These items are critical for children with food and drug allergies; for anyone with any medical conditions/or cognitive impairments; for anyone living alone; for the elderly population to assist them to maintain their independence and live at home longer; and for saving lives in emergency situations when seconds can mean the difference between life and death.
On May 5, 2008, I lay gasping for air on my bedroom floor, due to a severe pulmonary condition. My heart went into sinus tachychardia,and felt like it was beating a thousand times a minute. I was in severe pulmonary distress and I felt as though I was not going to survive. I had the frightening experience of not even having the breath to summon emergency help on my own. I thought my world was coming to an end, I remember thinking,” I can’t believe this is happening, I have so much more to do and to live for’, and ‘ I am too young to die’. As I started to say my goodbye’s to those I loved, I looked upward and prayed for g-d to please give me the breath to call ‘911’ for emergency help. It was a miracle that I was then able to whisper into the phone for help to be
sent. I only wish I had owned a HOME EMERGENCY MEDICAL ALERT device at
that time, so I wouldn’t have had to experience the horrific fear of almost not being able to get the critical help I needed in time. I want others, both young and old, to feel safe and protected ’24/7′, and to own a medical alert device, before instead of after the fact. Owning one can save your life!
After this frightening ‘911’ experience, the first part of my ‘healing mission’ became apparent. I knew I had to devote myself to help save others lives and then to provide the tools and vehicles for obtaining optimum health and healing. Most of us protect our cars, our homes and our health via insurance, though we often don’t know or think of the importance of how to best protect ourselves should a medical or any other emergency occur. The first line of defense and protection for all ages should be a home medical alert system. My first goal is to provide education regarding tools that are essential, especially when critical seconds count. I hope to spread the messege regarding the necessity of home and portable emergency devices for prevention, protection and peace of mind and above all, for being able to summon and receive emergency medical care before it is too late, as it almost was in my case.
Injuries and complications can be minimized and lives can be saved simply by having a direct link to dispatch emergency care. A dispatcher will stay on line and speak to you, to keep you calm until help arrives.
In addition to contacting and receiving help, your emergency contacts are notified, and the system has a record of critical information including your physician; hospital of choice; any medications you are taking and/or allergic to; and your spare key location/or contact. A system that has an A plus rating, by the BBB (better business bureau), and with waterproof wrist, clip-on and pendant options is recommended.
I am very grateful my family ordered a med alert device for me. It is very comforting to know I will always be able to summon emergency help now should I ever need it again, when even seconds can make a signifcant difference.

A medical alert is essential for anyone, at any age, with any medical conditions, including diabetes, cardiovascular or pulmonary disorders; anyone who lives alone; and/or who wants to feel safe and secure. In addition, any elderly persons who own a unit is also able to live at home an average of six years longer and will remain more independent, without limiting their normal daily activity.

Another emergency device that speaks for you when you are unable to, a PERSONAL FLASH DRIVE (electronic medical record), would also have helped greatly when the paramedics arrived. I was asked many questions that I was unable to provide answers to, including the cause of my breathing distress; my medical history; and where my drivers license and insurance card were located. I now have a portable flash drive device which can store drug and medical info including MRI’s, X-rays, EKG’s, as well as a living will or directives for emergency personnel. This device is great for anyone with any medical conditions, living alone, traveling, and basically anyone who wants to be safe! A sticker on your license will inform medical personnel that you own a med flash device.
The GPS MED ALERT Travel System allows seniors to travel anywhere in the country while having help at their fingertips. The small self contained pendant can be clipped on or carried in a purse or pocket and activated when needed. The 911 Certified Operator can locate persons immediately and summon help,.This 911 ALERT SYTEM with state of the art GPS tracking is the only unit which works everywhere . MEDICAL ALERT ID cards, , ‘your medical info in your pocket’. contain instant access to your medical profile,. Medical personnel can readily obtain critical medical and contact informaton, as well as access to your Secure Online Medical Profile Information. Your CERTIFIED 100% SECURE medical profile website allows you to store and retrieve vital medical information. New records and information can be added immediately from any computer using the simple user friendly website. This service is a great way for caregivers to keep track of the medications being taken by a loved ones, especially seniors and those suffering with mental/cognitive issues. Engraved MEDICAL ID JEWELRY can also provide critical medical information. New modern styled bracelets and necklaces are available, including charms, sportsbands, dog tags (with flash drive device to store your medical record), pendants, and medical ID bands for children. Medical ID jewelry is highly recommended for persons taking blood thinners; with diabetes; cardiovascular disease; drug allergies; food allergies; memory impairment; pacemaker/defibrillator or other implant; seizures, etc.
These ‘911’ devices would have helped greatly in my emergency situation.
I want others to be informed and have protection before they may need them! Preventative measures and emergency devices are imperative for security, safety, peace of mind, and being able to get the right help when needed.
Please refer to  and for additional information or please contact me for further details.

Please contribute your success story, and/or support, as well as any credible resources, articles, events, etc including adjunctive/natural solutions…

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