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Welcome to Our Healing Products – TOP 10 + must haves!

Many of the following “MUST HAVE” wellness/natural solutions pertained and were essential to my specific healing (for allergies/pulmonary function–i.e. items 1 & 2), although can apply to mostly everyone who is interested in prevention, optimal health and healing. I have included a brief overview of the top PLUS healing items I recommend-with more to follow in the future!

Due to the fact that I became an active participant in my own health care, I found the right healing products, healers and supports, which significantly expedited and enhanced my healing process. I have more energy than ever before and I am fueled by the products and healing techniques as well as the healers who have helped me spiritually, physically and mentally along the way, Though in essence, I am fueled most by my passion to help others to heal. I will do everything in my power to fulfill this quest and to assemble the right team of ‘ researchers, medical personnel, adjunctive healers, products tools, for people who want to heal themselves and optimize their health; for those who want to help others to heal; and/or to provide healing support to those in need.

NEW ADDITIONS: * ANTI-AGING BREAKTHROUGH , clinically proven/featured on CBS, ABC, CNN, to reverse oxidative stress levels –

* NEEDLESS ACUPUNCTURE/NBA partner , as seen on NBA players/athletes including-Tiger Woods; SLEEP & WELLNESS DEVICES–

* PAIN REDUCTION—Natural solutions for Muscle and Joint pain; bioformulas/ natural pain reduction products- scientifically formulated, extensively tested, safe,and have fast-acting, proven results for pain, and reduction of muscle/joint inflammation and stiffness. Effective solutions for arthritis and sports injuries, currently in seven hundred running stores,and used by many famous athletes, including the NFL, ATP for obtain pain reduction, joint regeneration, and resultant increased function, and mobility. As a registered Occupational Therapist, who was practiced for over twenty years, and as a licensed Biofeedback Specialist since 1985, I thoroughly endorse these innovative pain solutions, as do many physicians, physical therapist and chiropractors. Please then contact me directly, for further information or where to order, including– *HOT LAVA—novel portable pain solution

Introducing portable Hot Lava
Hot Lava 3×5
Price: $9.95
Hot Lava 4×10 (note-3 sizes are available)
Price: $19.95
Hot Lava 6×18(note-3 sizes are available)
Price: $29.95

Hot Lava Heat Packs have revolutionized heat therapy. Simply press the activation button and watch Hot Lava erupt instantly into soothing warmth. There is nothing to plug in or heat up; just press and go! Once activated, apply Hot Lava Heat Pack to the area of discomfort to encourage increased blood flow and relax muscles, thereby relieving or reducing muscle and/or joint pain.

Lava Heat Packs are ideal for: :Sports injuries, Arthritis, Join pain, Backache, Shoulder/Neck Pain, Tendonitis, Tennis Elbow, and Knee pain.

CLICK here -for more pain relief info-sprays, cremes, powder for joint regeneration and more…..

  1. ALLERGY CONTROL PRODUCTS-NIH – National Institute of Health, guideline recommendations include allergy control products to reduce the triggers in my home environment that might cause and/or contribute to toxic pulmonary reactions. I researched and found the best quality products, including mattress and pillow encasings; hepa filtered vacuums; laundry detergent that would remove allergens and eliminate dust mites; treated dust cloths, allergen reducing carpet cleaner; spray that is medically proven to denature dust mites, mold, mildew and some pollens; electrostatic disposable air filters, mold zappers, etc.
  2. XOLAIR INJECTIONS–Only because I had inquired about a poster on my physicians wall, regarding what IgE levels are and then asked if mine can be reduced, I am currently receiving monthly injections of Xolair which coats the receptor cells to reduce IgE levels, so the lungs won’t have a toxic reaction to allergens you are sensitized to. I had specific blood tests to determine how elevated my IgE levels were to qualify for the injections. It took over two months to do the test, research and hours on the phone with my insurance company to see if could get coverage, and where I could obtain the montly $750.00 injections. It will be year in February, since I have been on the injections and I have experienced less allergic symptoms and reaction. My pulmonary function has increased and continues to improve. Other options are also available, such as the inhalation of L-Arginine, please contact me for details.
  3. EMF PROTECTION –(*featured under TOP products) There are tools that can strengthen the body’s numerous energy fields enabling it to be the healing miracle it was intended to be. These tools can instantly strengthen your energy fields, improve your range of motion, shield you from electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, computers, etc. and transmute negative energy into harmless energy.The national council on radiation protection determined that 2 mg (miligauss) is the maximum safe level of electromagnetic radiation (EMF) an individual should be exposed to at any time. Cell phones emit 5 mg; hairdryers 25 mg, appliances 100; and blenders 225 mg, Therefore it is prudent to use tools to protect you from harmful levels. You can also protect yourself from toxins in water, food additives, and provide instant relief from aches or pains. Instantaneous results can be easily and dramatically demonstrated using kinesiology, range of motion testing, and other tests of balance, etc. I highly recommend using these tools as your first line of defense, as well as something that can enhance other healing modalities you may choose,
  4. FUNCTIONAL TESTING & MEDICAL LASER DEVICES – Low intensity medical laser devices, may be programmed to exert energetic effects via photon signaling with characteristics uniquely specific for initiating healing processes of the individual treated. If the healing capabilities of the person treated are sufficiently intact, then healing, functional improvement and symptom relief are obtained. Such devices measure and record aberrant bodily resonance patterns associated with toxicity, deficiencies and dysfunction. These patterns are used to create corrective remedial energy patterns that are in turn introduced into the person measured via non destructive subtle laser beams. Various conditions ranging from physical symptoms such as back and joint pain to emotional symptoms such as anxiety depression are addressed. Functional testing via ASYRA- of food and environmental sensitivity; hormones; immune disorders; circulatory, metabolic and sleep disturbances; and of over 5,000 items such as bacteria, chemical toxins, digestive and dental disturbances, heavy metals, parasites, heavy metals ; Dr Martin Dayton- ,
  5. STEM CELL ENHANCER directs your own stem cells to wherever healing is needed in your body. Stem cell enhance can elevate mood; control and maintain healthy weight; balance the endocrine system ; support the immune system; normalize the appetite; maintain healthy blood pressure; promote intestinal regularity; purify and nourish the blood; promote smoother skin; increase energy, stamina and feelings of well being; increase clarity and sharpness of eyesight; enhance brain function including heightened mental clarity and creativity; increase mental focus and concentration, stabilize mood swings , maintain healthy blood sugar levels; support a youthful appearance ; maintain healthy cholesterol levels, and reverse or delay premature aging by supporting tissue and organ health. Stem Cell Enhance, supports the natural release of your own adult stem cells from bone marrow, when an organ or tissue needs healing. There is an average 25% increase in the number of naturally released adult stem cells that also prompts the circulating stem cells to migrate to healthy tissue, proliferate, and transform themselves in to healthy cells of that tissue. For anyone wanting to enjoy optimal health, fitness and performance. –, Discover Your Optimal Health & Wellbeing,; www.,
  6. INONIZED WATER – (*featured under top Products)- –As health and wellness consciousness increase, water quality must be considered. Research indicates an increased risk for bladder and rectal cancer from drinking chlorinated water. Water ionizers are replacing older water technologies as consumers move from simple filtration and purification to products that create “functional” water. “Functional water” is water that is literally transformed to increase your health and wellness. Ionized water is not only filtered. It is water with a high pH, which hydrates more effectively, is highly oxygenated and acts as a strong antioxidant. There are many companies that have filtration systems and after attending the 17th Annual World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine and Biomedical Technologies, 12/9-12, Las Vegas, NV, I found two of best systems and most cost effective systems after much research and testing:ION LIFE – Alkaline Ionized Mineral Water is made from your own tap water, and is a huge source of antioxidants and alkaline minerals. It hydrates up to 6 times better than normal water, and is thought of as the healthiest water system. The “perfect water” system would combine the purity of Reverse Osmosis (R/O) and the tremendous benefits provided by alkaline, ionized water from a water ionizer. Historically this has not been easily achieved for a variety of reasons. The water technology experts at IonLife have solved the problem of combining these two phenomenal yet very different water technologies. Now you can have perfectly clean AND perfectly healthy water by installing the IonLife R/O system before your Jupiter ionizer! IonLife is an 8 year old company, its products have a lifetime guarantee, and it is the exclusive importer and distributor of Jupiter Science Water Ionizers for the USA.Even though you’re not drinking water in the shower, you can absorb many times more chlorine in a shower than you do by drinking the same water! Tests show that your body can absorb more chlorine as a result of a 10-minute shower than if you drank eight glasses of the same water. The good news is there is a filtred shower heas to purify the water you bathe in as well (RADIANT LIFE).

    PREMIER RESEARCH LABS—The world leader in cellular resonant technology also offers water purifiers including a R/O device,,, In addition, they offer a complete arsenal for any health problems you may encounter, including quantum-state nutritional formulas that have spectacular clinical results; products for body and dental care; household,laundry and home cleaning products; electromagnetic (EMF) protection; organic sleep systems and accessories.

  7. NUTRACEUTICAL SOLUTIONS for WEIGHT LOSS-and more– medically endorsed and customized solutions: *GENE SNP—-DNA screening analysis to determine what nutrients your body may be lacking; your DNA/genetic makeup, holds the key to optimizing your health.

    *Anti-stress formula- More than half of women report feeling ‘stressed out’’ This product promotes relaxation without drowsiness, and maintains healthy levels of serotonin and dopamine.

    *Isotonic-Capable Supplements-isotonic-capable nutritional supplements, including nutraMetrix, a powerful blend of antioxidants, promotes cardiovascular health and helps maintain healthy blood glucose levels. Isotonics are the most effective means of delivering vitamins, minerals and other nutrients the body needs daily since the nutrients pass quickly through the stomach and are absorbed rapidly via the small intestine. There is no need to wait 40 minutes for absorption or dilution from stomach acid. The right combination of products, targeting specific organs, will best promote your optimal health..

    *Resveratrol – being hailed as ‘the Holy Grail of anti-aging research’ by Harvard medical school, and as featured on ‘20/20’ and Oprah; This ‘fountain of youth’; is a compound found in red wine. Resveratrol is naturally produced by plants as a defense system against infection and oxidative stress due to external attacks. Reported effects include cardiovascular health by vasorelaxation and protection of LDL levels to extended life span occur primarily through activating sirtuin activity which are the regulators of aging in all living organisms. Sirtuins enhance cell survival during times of stress, and oxidative stress is implicated in numerous disease processes. “There is no question that resveratrol is one of the best free-radical scavengers and that it has many effects whose ramifications might affect not only longevity but also general health.” as per Dr Milos Sovak, a lead resveratrol physician.

    *Comprehensive low-glycemic weight management system – focuses on low-glycemic eating, behavior modification, and body composition, such as The Transitions Lifestyle System® program, which includes patient education materials, a daily journal, entrees, shakes and bars and clinically proven supplements are included to promote sustainable weight loss. According to the FDA, 50 milllion Americans spend $30 billion each year in weight loss quest.The transition program is well adhered to and can ensure lifelong success.

    `Additional supplements available for—Anti-aging, prenatal and children’s health; mind and energy; sports nutrition, heart, skin, vision and digestive health,

  8. SUPERFOODS —There are many superfoods that can be used for achieving optimal health. Red and green superfoods are crucial in the fight against free radical damage from the air we breathe and the food we eat, due to pollution, pesticides,insecticides, herbicides, unclean water, and antibiotics which all play a role on wrecking havoc on our bodies.We must protect ourselves against biological rusting and one way to do that is to add the powerful superfood radiant greens and pomegranate plus to your diet. Radiant greens and pomegranate plus are chockful of antioxidants and other phytonutrients which play a role in protecting us against free radical damage. For more information go to Tony O’Donnell, CNC., the Herb Doc, has been featured on ABC and CNN News; He is a naturopath who was inspired by his father’s untimely death from heart disease. He has devoted his life to helping others lead healthier lives. Founder and president of G.W. Health LLC, Tony is the formulator of many leading powdered superfood formulas for healing, cleansing, peak vitality, joint support, menopause, adrenal and prostate health. We are proud to feature his work in loving memory of Catie Wyman.
  9. Products for anti-aging, providing a positive nitrogen balance, are important in the nutritional support of age related degeneration, such as collagen and cartilage damage. High performance Coconut Protein Formula (Vegan), containing amino acids to support brain, heart and liver function are rich in essential vitamins and minerals including B-12, B-6 and folic acid to help support homocystein levels for healthy cholesterol and heart health, and cinnamon to support insulin function via regulation of blood sugar levels. Lifetron Products, Dr Bernd Friedlander,; * ANTI-AGING BREAKTHROUGH , clinically proven/featured on CBS, ABC, CNN, to reverse oxidative stress levels -for inside, as well as outside,
  10. MILA (*featured under top Products)-Mila is being called ‘the Miracle seed’, and it has the highest and safest combination of Omega-3, antioxidants, fiber and phytonutrients. It is non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism), and is pesticide, gluten, trans-fat ,and sugar free; and is Kosher. Mila is a mixture of Salvia hispanica L. (Chia- both black and white seeds) that has been carefully selected to maximize its nutritional value. It is not a supplement and is a food in the form of a seed which dissolves in any liquid or can be sprinkled on food. It is the signature grain produced by the Lifemax company, and is backed by a clinical study from the University of Texas Health Science Center to lower cholesterol and blood pressure! http://healinghope.lifemax.netThere are many of healers and products that may or may not be proven to work; so we must do our due diligence and carefully choose the right healers, products and course of action. I am fully committed to assembling the right ‘team’ of experts to determine who and what works best, including adjunctive treatments and products. I thank the ‘right’ team for showing up, including Nilli,for her guiding light, support, inspiration and for reminding me to ‘breathe’, Much thanks to Hershel Lazaroff,my spiritual healer, for his wisdom, direction, and healing advice; and to Randy Fuchs, for his technical support, and for always helping me to find and stay ‘on the right track’.I will be providing more extensive information in the future, including the cutting edge ‘anti-aging/longevity’ tools from the A4g World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine, and other research. Further details provided upon request, Healing professionals who would like to contribute information regarding cutting edge/and adjunctive products and services; link and/or optimize their web-site; attach a video; optimize their web-site on You Tube, and/or be in the HEALING and/or PRODUCT directories , please contact me. Cindy Miropol-Founder-Healing Hope Team,, 305-794-9737. Please ask for information regarding: “Heavy metals accumulate in various tissues and are associated with increases in today’s biggest killers: cardiovascular disease and cancer. Reducing these heavy metals from the body has been a challenge to modern day medicine. With the advent of intravenous EDTA chelation, it was possible to remove heavy metals, but this invasive method of heavy metal removal is burdensome and expensive.

    There is another method of chelating and removing toxic metals from the circulation and deposits in tissue storage sites”…….and other pertinent article/updates for both medical and natural healing:


    *’Beyond FISH OIL’……

    * Diabetic drug found effective in treatment of cancer

    * Glutathione –crucial to health and longevity