Advances in asthma  Treatment

New Wearable Devices Aim To Predict, Prevent Asthma Attacks | Sci-Tech Today

Bronchial thermoplasty, and chronograph  include some of the advances in Asthma treatment

WORLD ASTHMA DAY -5/7..PLEASE STOP & Take a breath!

World Asthma Day is an annual event organized by the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) to improve asthma awareness and care around the world. World Asthma Day 2013 is Tuesday, May 7, 2013 – the theme will continue to be “You Can Control Your Asthma.” However, this year GINA will also introduce a sub-theme, “It’s Time to Control Asthma.” We encourage activity organizers around the world to complete the sentence, “It’s Time to…” as relevant to their event and target audience. –

The HEALING HOPE TEAM believes ‘IT’S TIME TO STOP AND BREATHE’…—and take a minute to learn all the new advances of how to control your asthma-you can do it!-Please see the A, B, C’s below. (written in celebration of the 5th year anniversary of my ‘911’ experience on 5/5). Please share and forward to anyone who suffers from asthma or any lung diseases, and please ‘like’ and join the HEALING HOPE TEAM, (for free) for solutions, and to ask for and lend health/healing support and HOPE to anyone in need. Thank you, Cindy Miropol, O.T.R. Founder Healing Hope Team Inc.


A- ACTION PLAN– FIRST , you must start with a plan. Your HEALTH should be #1. You should be ACTIVELY INVOLVED in your care/meds/and have at least one person for healing and emergency support (‘911’ buddy/see ‘’ for a healing and ‘911’ buddy); and for asking for and sending healing support-and a MEDICAL ALERT SYSTEM for ‘911’ help should you live alone (see below).

Your plan should include how to control asthma, daily and long term AND how to handle worsening asthma, or attacks. It should include when to call the doctor, when to take measures , rescue meds (which to take, what amount, precautions) and know when/where to go for emergency intervention.


The Red Alert Program for life-threatening asthma. [Pediatrics. 1997] – PubMed – NCBI



a-Xolair-injections to regulate asthma by blocking receptor cells from toxic reactions; a blood test needed to see if you qualify.

b-Mepolizumab- The drug for people with severe asthma may allow patients to reduce their dependence on traditional steroid inhalers, experts said. The research conducted by a team at Leicester University, the largest of its kind in severe asthma, found the treatment could reduce severe asthma attacks, A&E visits and admissions to hospital by 50 per cent compared with a dummy drug. It is potentially an important advance because it seems to be a safe and effective treatment option for patients with eosinophilic asthma that is associated with frequent flare-ups,

c- Breathe Atomizer-

The EZ Breathe Atomizer was designed to use anywhere/ anytime- at home or on the go to deliver breathable mist in seconds. It sprays liquid medication in aerosol form into the air that a person will breath.NOTE-Please consult your physician regarding use of the EZ Breathe Atomizer with prescription medications.

C- ‘911’ CARE- MEDICAL ID/ALERT DEVICES– -GO HIGH TECH!—–Some aren’t just bracelets or necklaces now-or they come in charm bracelets, invisible bracelets- (key fob and wallet card). sleek mesh, silver, and gold bracelets, sports and children version (see sample below) and pendants, dog tag, watches, key chains, health passports, Medical ID wallet cards, and new ones that fit on your shoelaces and also flash drives-(electronic medical record);

– for COMPLETE list of MEDICAL ID’s and 911 alert devices go http://www.healinghopeteam’ click on ‘911’ devices icon or go to 911 devices (under site features).
Asthma Kids Medical ID Tag with Sun and Clouds Sport Strap Bracelet Adjustable 4 – 8 Inches – Item AA1355 – Engravable. $14.95


1. MY IHR service—My Interactive Health Record Service-account accessible to emergency responders –to access medical history/info- ID necklace/bracelet contains on line record—(engraved with user name and pin #–acccess patient info via phone #, or website).
2. USB IDs- The USB is a necklace that has a USB device and a pre loaded program
Easy to use.– simply plug into your computer, enter your password and entering your info -If someone plugs it into their computer they can see the information you’ve saved into the file.3. HOME MEDICAL ALERT INTERACTIVE SYSTEM-, device to call for help when you are unable to, when seconds count.4. ICE—-don’t forget to list your emergency contacts on your phone. Medical professionals are trained to look for ICE (in case of emergency) in your phone’s contact or address book. List medications and important medical information like allergies and conditions here, too.5. UPCOMING-GPS/ ONE CALL ALERT- tracking system for travel; monitors your location and alerts medical responders-to launch later this year!

COOL ASTHMA GADGETS- -You can get a program that plots a graph of your peak flow on your iFone

There is a thing called an inhaler mate which holds your inhaler and has a little counter on it so you can keep track of puff

You can get a thing called a doser that keeps track of the doses you use on a MDI inhaler

You can buy a case for your inhaler called an APOD

You can get a glow in the dark cap for your MDI inhaler at

Medgadget –Respira!: DIY Spacers for Asthma Attacks- by Gene Ostrovsky on Aug 22, 2007 • 10:29 am = Stanford University’s Design School along with the School of Medicine tackled a simple problem that is costing a lot of rural Mexican asthmatics a lot of time. The issue is a lack of “spacers”, simple devices that create an air chamber in front of the mouth into which the inhaler discharges its medicine, and then the patient can easily breathe it in.

Inhalers are used in combination with a device commonly called a “spacer.” A spacer is a chamber that attaches to an inhaler, captures the discharged medication and holds it until the patient inhales it. In spite of their effectiveness, these devices are unavailable in Mexican Health Centers due to their cost (~ $50 plus distribution). Using paper and a precise system of cuts and folds, we have designed a spacer that can be produced for approximately 25 cents, a cost reduction of more than 99%. Furthermore, the device can be distributed as a flat sheet to be folded into a usable form on-site, so hundreds can be sent for the cost of a stamp.

SPECIAL THANKS to AMY WAX for her research help and supportJ X0, and to ALAN T. BROWN for his assistance, and to all who have been there for me, friends, family, physicians, and supporters.

The HEALING HOPE TEAM, RYAN’S MITZVAH PROJECT AND JEWELRY BY THREE SISTERS unite- to support the WAD and GINA (Global Initiative for Asthma) initiative to reduce hospitalizations from Asthma globally by 50%, by 2015. Please see the enclosed information and tips to increase LUNG AWARENESS and to help to reduce/manage asthma/allergies/lung illnesses. The positive focus is on awareness, education and better control.


The essential key is to learn about your diagnosis-from cause to cure, There is currently a growing understanding of asthma as a collection of different processes, all causing airways to become twitchy and constricted. Once the proper causes of the persons asthma are identified, individualized/personalized treatments may be then be prescribed.
If admitted to the hospital, check that treatments and medications are rendered correctly and on time, and if not, intervene so there is no interruption in care. I was transferred out of ICU to another hospital floor, and for some reason a critical pulmonary treatment was then delayed for hours, during which I had to intervene and the nurses assistance to ensure I received my treatment, so I learned the ‘hard way’ how you must be an active participant in your own care.

• Learn about asthma, allergies, COPD; learn the triggers and best management and keep CURRENT on the advances. The ASTHMA ASSOCIATION,; COPD Foundation, www.COPD,; and the American Lung Association,; Copd Emphysema—Find and Compare Info on Copd Emphysema at,


Find your triggers, get tested to see what environmental and food allergies are triggers; i.e. you may have Allergic Asthma—-i.e. do you have –Asthma or Allergies? Do You Have Asthma Or Just Allergies? Find out at, Allergic Asthma — Do you suffer from allergic asthma? Learn about a treatment;
You can also get tested to see if you are a candidate for allergy injections, or sublingual treatments to desensitize you to specific allergens, and/or medicine such as Claritin (Allergy Information — Get Seasonal & Regional Allergen Info – Find Helpful Tips / Guides, to mediate your allergic response. There are also naturopathic treatments for allergies including laser and other viable options,,, NOTE- mention HEALING HOPE TEAM for discount; (also see HEALPON under ‘DIRECTORY” on this website- for discounts for some of the recommended resources). Allergic Asthma — Do you suffer from allergic asthma? Learn about a treatment;
Pollen Count — Get Today’s Forecast For Outdoor Allergies In Your Area, www.; Environmental Toxicologists Link Household Bacteria to Asthma, ScienceDaily (May 30, 2011)-Science Video Reference;


Do your due diligence regarding your illness, to make sure you are properly diagnosed and treated to obtain best results. Find out the cause and proper management. By inquiring regarding IGe levels I found out there was a special blood test to check if my level elevated, and a treatment via XOLAIR (, and ( to block toxic reactions, that I then got prescribed which has helped me prevent any further hospitalizations. Do research, ask questions, read, find both the conventional and alternative medicine experts! Through doing so, I learned that acupuncture and other treatments can be viable adjunctive options for asthma and management of pulmonary disorders, as is L-argentine, and ozone nasal treatments ( to increase oxygen levels and pulmonary function. Research all medicines you are prescribed, their side effects and any viable adjunctive and/or alternative medicine options, and speak to your insurance company when needed to ensure coverage. If coverage is not offered you can opt to appeal, which I have also done successfully several times so don’t give up!


At the very first signs of any flu or respiratory infection i.e. colds, flu, strep throat, etc, take preventative measures should be taken because of asthmatics and pulmonary compromised individuals’ increased risk of complications from influenza and other illnesses (Why Does Flu Trigger Asthma?ScienceDaily (May 30, 2011) — Researchers at Children’s Hospital Boston have found a previously unknown biological pathway explaining why influenza induces asthma attacks. Dale Umetsu, MD, PhD, of Children’s Division of Immunology. Influenza activates a newly recognized group of immune cells called natural helper cells . If activation of these immune cells, or their asthma-inducing secretions could be blocked, individuals could be more effectively protected when they get the flu and possibly other viral infections, presenting a completely new set of drug targets for asthma.


May include- zinc lozenges; immune support /herbal medicines i.e Zycam; Echinacea –take all as directed to be effective; and you can consult your physician or a naturopathic doctor for preventative measures. I highly recommend, a homeopathic remedy injection vs a flu injection; Children Who Get Flu Vaccine Have Three Times Risk Of Hospitalization For Flu, Study Suggests (May 20, 2009) —

– Additional naturopathic remediation measures- Vit B 12 injections; and an immune injection –Homeopathic remedy—i.e. Engysol by Heel, to increase WBC (white blood cell count) to reduce the severity/length of flu’s, and sore throats. Avoid excessive cold, excessive exercise (if needed use a prescribed inhaler prior to exercise) to prevent cold or exercise related asthma episodes. Asthma Natural Cure — Discover this natural wonder the Chinese have used for centuries.; Natural Asthma Treatment Eliminate Your Child’s Asthma Triggers by Improving Air Quality,; and *ASTHMA NATURAL TREATMENT– Fast Acting Long-Term Asthma Relief, Promotes Healthy Breathing, www.


National Institute of Health, guideline recommendations include allergy control products to reduce the triggers in my home environment that might cause and/or contribute to toxic pulmonary reactions

New treatments are also available including stem cell treatment performed by specialized physicians, i..e Treatment for C.O.P.D — C.O.P.D Stem Cell Treatment Performed by Specialist Doctors; Please contact me for other stem cell specialists for COPD, asthma, and other illnesses, available in FLORIDA/U.S.A/ and other locations.


The recognition now of a third pathway for asthma, involving natural helper cells, may reflect the diversity of triggers for asthma seen in patients. Compounds targeting NKT cells are now in preclinical development. There is a growing understanding of asthma as a collection of different processes, which all cause airways to become twitchy and constricted. Once we identify the cause of the persons asthma, individualized/personalized treatments may be then be prescribed.


Miracle Superfoods that Heal, Tony O’Donnell, C.N.C. , NATUROPATH; JUST BE GOOD-to your body, FOOD-BASED HEALING- Tonessi Inc.


Check medications /insurance coverage if pertinent generic and/or naturopathic options. Check for side effects and solutions. Stick to the proper dosage and schedule for prescribed medications; DO NOT TAKE inhaler/medications such as SYMBICORT– MORE THAN FOUR TIMES PER DAY; Make sure you check which medications can be used for ‘rescue’ and how often they can be taken; Always have a back-up supply or prescription re-fill available; Have a written schedule, dispenser, and/or sectioned pill box with days of the week, as well as assistance if needed to ensure you will follow the right schedule. Check with your doctor or pharmacist. Store your meds at the proper temperature and check expiration dates.


PREVENTION MEDS—-TAKE AS PRESCRIBED BY YOUR PHYSICIAN –and DO NOT SKIP TREATMENTS— and DO NOT OVERUSE!- Most asthma control medications or corticorsteroids, are prescibed to take two inhalations, twice daily-though whatever the prescribed dosage, is please follow the instructions for best results. i.e. SYMBICORT –is a daily meds to prevent asthma attacks, COPD and manage illness ,i.e. it is a budesonide with long acting beta 2 agonists such as Formoterol. Your doctor can determine best what dosage and schedule is best for you and when or if medication dosage or frequency should be decreased or increased.

FIND OUT HOW MANY TIMES MAXIMAL YOU CAN USE YOUR DAILY MEDS—-may be only twice a day/2 inhalations per day so please make sure, since adverse effects may occur if you do not follow the prescribed dosage.

RESCUE MEDS———–AGAIN, IT IS IMPERATIVE TO TAKE AS PRESCRIBED BY YOUR PHYSICIAN. Rescue meds are short acting beta agonists, such as ALBUTEROL, that may be used usually up to 12 times a day. Again, use wisely and do not overuse since you may build a resistance. Please learn when your rescue meds should only be utilized, i.e. when having an asthma attack; when short of breath or symptoms appear that may be precursors to an attack.


Pay attention to any signs/symptoms that may trigger any attacks; i.e. allergens, including dust/mold/pollen; animal dander; cold temperatures; exercise.
At the first signs of any respiratory distress; stay calm; breathe deeply; and take the proper rescue treatment prescribed by your physician. Call ‘911’ –when in distress-do not delay.


Be prepared!–have 1-3 emergency contacts; who you can contact or call should an emergency arise,

* Have a home device to summon emergency help if you are unable to , i.e. There are now updated devices including jewelry and sports versions available for emergency information; go to ‘911’ devices on this website or please contact me for details/questions.
* You can find a ‘911’ buddy on this website at “search for support window’ –who you can rely on and/or be a ‘911’ support for someone who would like one, (I recommend phone numbers to be exchanged for true emergencies)
*FILE OF LIFE— keep your medical record and emergency contact data on your refrigerator for EMS when they arrive
• *You can also program ‘emergency contacts’ under ‘ICE’ (in case of emergency) in your cell phones’ contacts/address book, List medications and important medical information like allergies and conditions as well. .

Be prepared should you need to go for a rescue treatment at a hospital or emergency facility; via a ‘packed bag with essentials for the week, (or keep one at home, and let your emergency service, and ‘911 buddy’ know where it and where your spare key is located). You may want to include items such as soap; shampoo/conditioner, razor, hair towel that dries hair quickly (available at BED, BATH and BEYOND) or hair dryer ; clean underwear; a clean outfit for when you are discharged; toiletries, slippers; your phonebook; a cell phone charger; toiletries; contact information for essential business and family/friends.


Be aware of and learn ways to eliminate stress, which can cause and aggravate asthma and pulmonary conditions. Learn to stay calm by practicing deep breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation; visualization and the ‘Six Second Quieting Response’ to be used many times throughout your day to reduce your stress levels (or simply count to 10 to mediate your stress levels and energetic healing/medicine. Exercise frequently, and keep fit so you the endorphins produced will reduce your stress. Stress depresses the killer T-cells and lymphocytes thus reducing our immune system response, so learn and practice stress management techniques.


Learn and practice diaphragmatic breathing and yoga, Tai Chai, Chi Quong if possible; Breathe deeply and slowly. When any tightness or shortness of breath arises test your levels with your home spirometer and use your rescue medicines or interventions as needed.


Eliminate anything toxic from your environment and your lifestyle, including smoking; excessive alcohol; lack of rest or adequate sleep or fatigue; eat a healthy/balanced diet; and surround yourself with healthy/positive people, Think and visualize positive thoughts/outcomes.


Select key family/friends/health professionals to advise and be there for you; Attend related support groups.

* Go to SEARCH FOR A ‘911’ buddy on this website to find a ‘911’ buddy for support; Also post any needs/goals on the “HEALING WALL’
Additional references— SCIENCE VIDEO REFERENCES— ScienceDaily (May 30, 2011)
Human Factors Researchers Develop Device To Measure Asthma Triggers
Radiologists Develop Asthma Imaging Method
Chinese Herbal Paste May Help Prevent Exacerbations of COPD May 22, 2011 — A traditional Chinese herbal paste known as Xiao Chuan, or XCP, may help reduce winter exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, according to a new study conducted by researchers;
Inability to Combat Oxidative Stress May Trigger Development of Asthma June 4, 2011 — An impaired ability to handle oxidative stress that arises from exposure to secondhand smoke and other environmental triggers may contribute to the development of asthma, according to results
Lung Cancer? Compensation trust fund information, Find out if you qualify

Please note- Any recommendations are from my research and personal experience though do not replace the advice of your physician and/or medical advisors, whom you should consult regarding your individualized treatment. I do not prescribe any treatments and am responsible for any outcomes. If you have any questions regarding your care, please consult a medical professional, and/or check under “HEALERS’ on this website, or in our ‘DIRECTORY’. I will also be happy to refer you for further information or answer any questions regarding any of the information above.

Cindy Miropol, O.T.R. /Founder Healing Hope Team/Healing Inc – 305-794-9737

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