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Our Mission:

To form a team of expert physicians, functional/integrative medical doctors, health practitioners, and healers to assist in achieving optimal health and healing on all levels – mentally, physically, and spiritually. We offer top healers, innovative coaching, health/healing support, and more.

The Healing Hope Team’s Mission

The Healing Hope Team, Ryan’s Mitzvah Project, and Jewelry by Three Sisters have united to support the World Allergy Organization (WAO) and the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) initiative to reduce global asthma hospitalizations by 50%. We’ve hosted networking events featuring key healers and products and now implement livestream broadcasts. Our goal is to continue collaborative growth with health and healing experts to bring true healing to the world.

* We target the underlying cause of illness and provide health/healing support, cutting-edge news, tools, and experts to help even one person heal.

* We aim to create a community of healers and a supportive team.

* The Healing Hope Team focuses on awareness, education, and better control/management of your health or any illness with an innovative, integrative approach and an expert team.

* Functional and homeopathic healers/remedies may also benefit prevention and treatment, alongside conventional treatments.

Healing Tips & Resources

Find further information on our livestream broadcasts, healing guides, and website ( under “Top Updates.” These updates cover natural solutions, stress management techniques (meditation, prayer), diet/exercise advice, cold/flu/virus information, and more.

* You can also contact us or subscribe on the website for access to healing guides, live broadcasts with cutting-edge news, health assessments, and coaching sessions.

* Visit our “Recommendations and Innovations” and “Top Products & Top Healers” sections for optimal health, wellness, and healing.

Contact Us

Please contact us for more details, information on health coaching, questions, recommendations, consultations, and referrals to professionals, adjunctive/functional and neuropathic healers/experts, and solutions for optimal healing on all levels.

Join the website for free as a member, update your profile, and share our information! We believe in looking at the person as a whole and finding the best solutions for each individual.

My Healing Journey

I personally used treatments like Ai Minerals, BioCharger, acupuncture, ozone treatment, repurposed medications, infrared therapy, energetic healing, supplements, herbal and adjunctive remedies, and spiritual, diet, and exercise guidance. I made lifestyle, diet, and exercise changes and conducted extensive research.

In addition to my registered Occupational Therapy license, I became certified as a Health Coach by the United States Health Foundation to better help myself and others achieve optimal health and healing.

Renewed Initiative

The healing journey and mission continue, especially with the global pandemic highlighting the need for the right tools and team for preventing and treating COVID-19, long-haul COVID, bird flu, and other viral, fungal, and bacterial infections and diseases.

Livestream Broadcasts

We’ve initiated monthly livestream broadcast events with guest speakers/experts presenting tips and tools for prevention, optimal health, and healing. The frequency will increase as we build our network and audience.

* These interactive broadcasts will include special guests sharing cutting-edge health/healing/wellness news, innovations, and healing hacks.

Stay Tuned!

We are compiling advanced healing guides after extensive research with expert physicians and integrative healers.

* Our goal is to provide healing support, cutting-edge news/tools/experts, and create a community of healers and support to help even one person heal.

Healing Support

Healing support is an essential component of healing. Please go to “Search Members-Support- Social Member” to search for or become a support person (a “911 buddy”) for someone in need. Join the website as a member (for free).

* Request or send healing support as a doctor, therapist, healer, fitness coach, fitness buddy, etc.

The Healing Wall

Join for free as a member and post your health/healing goals, needs, and solutions on the “Healing Wall” (under additional site features). You can also send healing hugs, prayers, gifts, etc.

Healing Directory

If you are a medical or healing professional, join the Healing Directory.

Become a Healing Hope Team Ambassador

Spread health, hope, and healing – become a Healing Hope Team Ambassador! Be featured on the website as a Top Healer, Top Product, or in livestream broadcasts. See the website for details or contact us.

Our Goal

Our goal is to spread health, hope, and healing, even to just one person at a time