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Dr Mitch
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Innovative care for mind – body – soul. Stem cell treatment; early detection tests/ safe cancer therapy protocols & more…


Florida’s Leading Health & Wellness Center

  1. Anti-Aging Therapy
  2. Intravenous Therapy
  3. Food Sensitivities
  4. Health & Lab Tests
  5. Nutrition & Life Style Education
  6. Weight & pain management
  7. Food allergies 
  8. Early Detection and safe cancer therapy protocols including – repurposed Meds, IV infusions
  9. infrared bed, Hyperbaric oxygen chamber, ozone treatments, supplements and more


  1. Dr Mitch has 38 years of experience in anti-aging and holistic and integrative medicine. Along with his work in nutritional medicine, “Dr. Mitch” has a remarkable amount of experience as an expert clinician and researcher in the field of stem cell transplantation.
    In addition to being a physician, Dr. Mitch holds a Master’s Degree in Biomechanical Trauma and has a Ph.D. in nutrition and psychoneuroimmunology. He is an international lecturer on oral and IV nutrition and stem cell transplantation and is recognized as one of the premier teachers at conferences and seminars on integrative medicine

    Currently, Dr Mitch is a medical director for several Natural Medicine companies and a consultant for physicians worldwide, teaching them how to implement integrative medicine into their practices
  2. Dr. Khan is a graduate of the University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine (1992). He completed his certification in Family Medicine in 1994. Dr. Khan worked as an addiction consultant and a surgical assistant and has been active in pain and symptom management for cancer patients since 1994. Through this work he developed an interest in non-toxic cancer treatment. In 2006, Dr. Khan co-founded Medicor Cancer Centres, the first integrated private cancer clinic of its kind in Canada. Since 2007, Dr. Khan has gained international recognition for his work with gentle off-label drugs in cancer treatment, such as low dose naltrexone and dichloroacetate. In March 2023, Dr. Khan joined Dr. Mitch Total Health as director of research. The goal of this collaboration was to combine Dr. Khan’s extensive experience and innovations in metabolic cancer therapy with Dr. Mitch’s own class-leading innovations, to develop increasingly powerful and safe cancer therapy protocols.

Vitamin E Obstacles and opportunities in cancer prevention and treatment

A Paradigm Shift In Cancer Staging – Seeing the Unseen with Circulating Tumor Cell Measurement

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