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Health and Healing Tips

Personal things I learned in my journey; from illness & imbalance to epiphany; as I was forced to slow down and since I was very short of breath and limited in speaking, I realized ”I had to get sick, in order to get well’; and ;” I had to almost die, in order to learn how to really live”…

  • YOUR HEALTH IS OF FOREMOST IMPORTANCE – value & cherish your health, take good care of yourself & nourish your body/mind/soul.
  • TAKE AN ACTIVE ROLE IN YOUR OWN HEALTH CARE – from prevention to treatments; research & seek out the best healers/cures-consider adjunctive and natural options, since even the FDA is not infallible.
  • IT’S OK TO ASK FOR ASSISTANCE – true friends want to help & will be there for you, and vice versa.
  • DO NOT TAKE YOUR HEALTH, OTHERS, ANYTHING FOR GRANTED – count your blessings and appreciate each day and all you do have.
  • TAKE PROPER CARE OF YOURSELF – eat right/exercise/get enough sleep/see the right doctors on a regular basis
  • THINK POSITIVE THOUGHTS – what you visualize will materialize’- picture yourself healthy, happy & whole; always have peace in your thoughts and heart.
  • SPEAK ONLY POSITIVELY ABOUT THINGS & OTHER PEOPLE – give the benefit of the doubt; do not personalize or catastrophisize; practice forgiveness; be slow to anger and quick to forgive and forget.
  • SLOW DOWN – yes, stop and smell the roses! Life is too short, there is no time like the PRESENT!
  • RE-CONNECT WITH WHAT /WHO IS MOST IMPORTANT TO YOU – prioritize how you spend your time and who you spend it with
  • KEEP THOSE YOU LOVE NEAR & DEAR – take time out daily to keep close to those you care about (even via a text or e-mail).
  • TAKE TIME OUT EACH DAY FOR YOURSELF – for example…meditate/pray/regroup/refresh
  • LISTEN MORE THAN YOU SPEAK – you learn more when you listen fully, instead of just speaking or only thinking about what you will say next
  • A THANK YOU GOES A LONG WAY – appreciate & thank anyone for anything big or small, set your expectations so you will be pleasantly surprised; not disappointed.
  • FIND & LIVE YOUR PURPOSE – life is short; so know what your priorities are, spend your focus/time on what is more important; live each day fully; speak and live your truth, dreams and mission.
  • THE POWER TO SAY ‘NO’ – speak and live the truth and don’t only live to please others, for you never will please all.
  • THE POWER OF LAUGHTER – ‘smile & the world smiles with you’, no one wants to hear all your aches/pains; laughter is healing.
  • COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS – -be happy for what you do have, there is always someone worse off.
  • BE KIND & FORGIVING – to yourself & others; fix what is wrong, do not let negative things fester; forgive and forget quickly; forgive yourself first.
  • SET YOUR HEALING GOALS HIGH – go beyond any limits – self-imposed or imposed by others.
  • TRUE HEALING NEEDS TO OCCUR ON ALL LEVELS – including re-connect SPIRITUALLY to speed up healing.

Amongst the many things I learned, is the power to heal via the power of prayer and basic concepts of teshuva – spiritual return and correcting whatever needs to be fixed. One of the most powerful gifts bestowed upon humans is our ability to change our pasts and transform any mistakes to merits. We have the great responsibility and opportunity to learn from and transform ourselves; and to create a ‘vessel’ to house and facilitate wellness.

NEVER GIVE UP—The power of the mind, will and prayer are enormous. Though I do believe, if and when someone is ‘ready’; and it is their ‘time’, give them permission to ‘let go’ and be there to re-assure, comfort and support them. Miracles do occur, even with grim prognoses, I have been a witness to those who survived much longer than they were expected, so don’t accept any ‘time limits’; and live with HOPE.