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Immune boosters, cellular repair Increase vitality, activity, sleep, stay sharp, & live life to the fullest..

LifeWave patches

Technology to improve quality of life by stimulating the body’s  own glutathione levels.
Look and feel better with these
Non- invasive patches backed by science that activate the body’s healing and restore energy: used for wellness, sleep, vitality, activity, skin care and movement. They contain the science of phototherapy and acupressure.

  • Reflect your energy back into your body & boost your body’s innate powers to live better and younger with LifeWave products!
  • Based on the science of phototherapy, which has been around for about 100 years, using light to improve the health of the body.

Whether you’re looking for natural products that will stimulate your acupuncture points, you’ll find what you need. Master antioxidant & immune booster – utilizing the technology of healing through light and photosynthesis to activate the body’s own healing potential -i.e. stimulate the bodies own natural glutathione levels • and is completely safe The glutathione patches raise the bodies glutathione levels to over 400% which is more than taking glutathione orally or by IV, which doesn’t stay in the body for long.The x39 lifewave patches activate your body’s own stem cells. They activate the copper peptide in the body which is responsible for the bodies own activation of stem cell production -and they are excellent for healing.

X39 – is the Qi To Wellness
supporting the flow of natural energy within your body to encourage and support whole-body wellness and healthy activity. Experience the restorative balance of acupressure and acupuncture well-being with the simplicity of a patch.
Mannatech products are excellent gluconutrient products for cellular repair and communication which can help with many conditions

Dimensions Therapy
Dimensions therapy-  online therapy that works on accurately detecting weaknesses in the cellular memory and discharges them very easily and charges the cells with the correct healing information in order to strengthen & balance the body. 
We get all the real emotional root cause of the issue in the subconscious and clear it.
If there are no weaknesses at a cellular level then the body is naturally able to fight off all viruses etc

The Therapy of the 21st Century
Healing through the Power of the consciousness

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