How to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease—A Neurologist Speaks Out –Dr David Perlmutter, M.D. September 29, 2013 ,

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Alzheimer’s disease is currently at epidemic proportions, with 5.4 million Americans—including one in eight people aged 65 and over—living with it. There is no known cure, and few truly effective treatments

Research suggests the best hope is in prevention focusing on exercise and diet, specifically replacing carbohydrates with higher amounts of healthful fats, and moderate amounts of high-quality protein

Gluten sensitivity appears to be involved in most chronic disease, including those affecting the brain, because of how gluten affects your immune system. Glucose and fructose,(sugars) and carbohydrates can also have powerfully toxic effects Preventing and treating neurological disorders requires severe restriction of gluten and casein. You also need to address your gut flora

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Looking for a simple way to prevent Alzheimer’s disease?
Eat more purple: Purple vegetables and fruits contain natural medicine to protect your brain!

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The New Superfoods You Should Be Eating
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MSN:10 Easy Food Swaps Cut Cholesterol Not Taste
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Boost Fruits & Vegetables to Reduce Diabetes Risk-

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Eating an abundant and varied selection of fruits and vegetables has been associated with a wide variety of health benefits, most notably for cardiovascular and metabolic health. Andrew Cooper, from Addenbrooke Hospital (United Kingdom), and colleagues analyzed data involving 3,700 men and women, correlating the incidence of diabetes with fruit and vegetable intake over an 11 year period. The team found that study subjects who ate the most fruits and vegetables combined were at 21% lower risk of type-2 diabetes, as compared to those who ate the least. Additionally, a greater variety of fruits and vegetables consumed was found to further lower the incidence of diabetes. The team concludes that: “a diet characterized by a greater quantity of vegetables and a greater variety of both [fruit and vegetable] intake is associated with a reduced risk of [type-2 diabetes].”
Andrew J. Cooper, Stephen J. Sharp, Marleen A.H. Lentjes, Robert N. Luben, Kay-Tee Khaw, Nicholas J. Wareham, Nita G. Forouhi. “A Prospective Study of the Association Between Quantity and Variety of Fruit and Vegetable Intake and Incident Type 2 Diabetes.” Diabetes Care, April 3, 2012.