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Reducing anxiety –

11 Ways To Practice Self-Love During Times Of Prolonged Stress –

With WellTab, Patients are Never Alone- Across the globe! –

How To Practice A 3-3-3 Technique For Anxious Moments -Meditation

Foods to reduce stress –

Magnesium L-Threonate for Depression and Anxiety

-The right Stress can make you stronger –


Frequency is tied to our Mind, Body, Soul, & DNA

Advanced healing

Turning fear into power

NEW – Full Body Healing Magnetic Water Resonance – Water Healing Frequencies To Restore The Body

Mindful breathing & listening –

Love is the key to so many problems in this world. Keeping your heart open to receiving love is your choice. Having an open heart will help you stay in a higher vibration and help you manifest your desires much easier. Meditation and prayer also help and there are many healing circles , i.e. one example-Jewish energy circle

Study showing link between accountability to G-d and psychological well being

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