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How Isaac  beat the odds and cured his cancer with natural medicine and without chemotherapy or radiation!

ISAAC MENDA –success story. Isaac Menda’s healing journey involves natural solutions, including Hulda Clark-Natural Body Detox; Cure for Cancers; and  removal of amalgums, biological dentistry The  book “Knockout”-Suzzane Somers discusses how Cancer doctors are  healing people through natural solution as does Tony Robbins, LIFE FORCE book, as well as other resources, please contact me for details

How he beat the odds and cured his cancer with natural medicine and without chemotherapy or radiation!

AG: When and how were diagnosed with cancer?
IM: I had a biopsy done on a swollen lymph node on January 5th 2009, which came back as malignant. Then, I was referred to an Oncologist at Mount Sinai who had me take a CT Scan, PT Scan, and MRI on all my upper body. On January 25th, this Oncologist summoned me and informed me of the results.

AG: What type of cancer was it and what stage was it in?
IM: It was “advance stage 3 or 4 non-contiguous indolent Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma – follicular small cell classification” which is basically Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma that was spread out in 4 areas but whose malignant cells divided slower than my good cells.

AG: What were the treatment options and prognosis?
The oncologist, whose personal energy and bedside manners were above par, informed me that there was no clear treatment option for me and that it was not treatable given my circumstances. He stated it was “incurable.”

The oncologist did not have a prognosis either. He said some people succumb quickly while others are live for ten or more years. I asked the doctor what he thought “caused my cancer to develop in the first place?” He did not know and suggested not to ponder on the cause.

I was given a treatment option known as “watch and wait”, a euphemism for “do nothing cause there is nothing to do now or you are better off not doing anything than submit yourself to chemo/radiation at this juncture”. At first, downtrodden due to the lack of concrete steps typically associated with conventional treatments I expected to undergo, I relaxed and realized I could handle the ambiguity of “watch and wait”. I quickly realized
avoiding being ensnared in chemo treatments was a huge blessing. I learned “doing nothing” patients had higher survival rates than those doing chemotherapy for my particular diagnosis. My marching orders were to take a CT scan every three months for the first year to monitor my situation.

As we were concluding this scary meeting, I told him “I guess doc, we are going to have a long term relationship or one for the rest of my life.” Fast forward 1-one year to now (without dismissing this doc), I am thrilled to say I have no future appointments to see him. In retrospect, his suggestion to “do nothing” saved my life by giving me the time to actually learn what my options were, take action, and “do something, do plenty” that awaited me on the road to recovery.

AG: What did you do? Where did you turn for help?
IM: During the first two days after meeting the doctor, I closed my office and business in order to focus exclusively on my new definitive purpose in life- to cure myself and regain my health so I could move on with the rest of my life’s agenda. During these first 48 hours, I receiving words of encouragement from my immediate family and Rabbi Chay Amar (who also immediately checked and corrected all my mezuzahs while had me go in his mikvah).

So I hunkered down at my apartment and prayed to G-d. I thanked Him in detail for the great and privileged life I had lived thus far, for my parents, for all the marvelous experiences available to me, etc… I concluded and embraced the following understanding: if it was my time to go, I would accept it with dignity. I recognized it had been an enjoyable life and I would therefore not complain nor whine since others had it
much worst; that although I could accept if it was perhaps my time, I implored to spare my parents from the experience of their son dying from lymphoma.

Yet, if it was not my time to go, I prayed to please help me find the way and method to heal. So I committed to place all my effort to regain my health and live with the most gusto as possible as if I had one year to live. I flipped open my laptop and logged on to the internet navigating for books on Cancer. I quickly purchased six or seven books on Amazon. I also figured I should book future travel arrangements to see Israel twice, Costa Rica, Switzerland, and Austria, to celebrate or say goodbye, it all made sense.
Receiving the books a few days later, I started reading searching for a solution. One of the books stood out as a gem that grabbed my attention. It held the key and road map to recovery. I discarded the other books and focused laser-like on “How to Cure Advance Stage Cancer” by Hulda Clark. It was void of nonsense (well I had not eaten meat in 30 years, nor smoked ever, and exercised daily, so other books suggesting this basic regimen
were not breaking new ground). Hulda Clark spoke directly about the cause of all cancers and the way to cure them. I was floored and ecstatic when the second chapter, explained in detail, why a mouth harboring chemicals introduced via metal fillings (mercury fillings) and bacteria under root canals, was probably the culprit that created the chain of events leading to cancer. Thus, I had the first concrete corrective step – the cleansing of
the mouth! No other acclaimed cancer doctor or author even came close to suggesting this. This struck me as completely logical since the Torah states that you “will live or die by the tongue” and realized, if the almighty went through the detailed Kosher laws for our benefit, then certainly it was not the creator’s intention that foreign metals/bacteria take permanent residence in the holy area inside our mouth. Trusting I had been divinely
steered to Hulda Clark, I quickly started obeying her instructions on how to heal and rushed to buy her other two books: “The Cure for all Cancers” and “The Cure and Prevention for all Cancers.” She connected the dots unlike everyone else. I sensed she was in the business of actually curing people for the sake of saving lives and not for economic gain.

Although her books are complex and involved multiple steps, I followed her instructions and asked questions later. In a nutshell, she stated something no other doctor or author ever mentioned.

She said “You can get all your health back from any kind of cancer by removing unnatural chemicals via:”

1-Removing all unnatural chemicals from your mouth
2-Removing all unnatural chemicals from your diet
3-Removing all unnatural chemicals from your body
4-Removing all unnatural chemicals from your home

Although this is all there is to it and it sounds simplistic, every step involved serious lifestyle changes. For example, the book states that in removing all the chemicals from the mouth, “finding the right dentist is your first and most important task. The alternative dentists have been leading the movement to ban mercury from dental supplies. Not only mercury, but all metal needs to be banned. If your dentist will not follow the necessary
procedures, then you must find one that will. Find the right dentist first, even if you must travel hundreds of miles.”

Low and behold, I had four mercury filling since I was a teenager (for 30 years) and had a root canal done haphazardly in Miami ten years ago that became infected with the bacteria “clostridium.” This toxic combination was seeping 24/7 for years into the rest of my body unwarily compromising my immune system. Cleaning my mouth took the entire first month. After completing the dental work (only a handful of dentist in South Florida understood what Dr. Clark was saying), I proceeded to do Dr. Clark’s 21 day
Cancer Curing program. At a total cost of $2,000, this entailed popping about 200 vitamin and herb pills daily as described freely in her web site for the world to see. Also making more sense than ever, was the prayer I would, until then, sporadically utter, the “Asher Yatzar”. It was through the crevices and orifices bestowed that I would eventually be able to “cleanse and eliminate” the malignant cells inside and all their un-welcomed partners. To this day, I recite “Asher Yatzar” every time I go.

While I was doing this 21 day program, I started feeling much better, energized, stronger, and even told my parents and those willing to listen, that I was certain I was curing myself. I complied with her stringent checklist of things the book detailed which included changing the water I drank, the body products I used (toothpaste, shampoo, deodorants, etc.. none could have isopropyl alcohol), the water I showered with, the diet, and too many other items (and bizarre ones such as sitting on a large magnet for hours every morning). Suffice to say, this was a full time job.

Finally, on May 5th 2009, I went back to take those radioactive CT scans to diagnose the results. The results were unambiguous. There was no detectable cancer activity in my lymph nodes and the four previous lymph node tumors, could no longer be seen or detected by the doctors.

Recently, on December 13th 2009, I took what I expect to be my final CT Scan, and this one also had the same results as the one in May 5th.

AG: What were the most important lessons you learned from the experience?

Take control of the things you actually have control over. One does not really have control of the chemicals the government puts in our water, or toxic waste in far away factories, or what Obama decides to do about Iran, but you sure do have control of the toxic waste (E.P.A. claims it’s toxic waste the minute it is out of your mouths) known as mercury fillings a few inches from your brain, inside your mouth. Choose to drink water without chlorine or bad flouridation by having a water ionizer that eliminates these
chemicals. G-d has handed us many cleansers such as oregano oil. Follow natural healers first, and if you find an MD who believes in natural healing first, start a doctor-patient relationship with such a doctor.

On a recent evening, I encountered a dentist at the Waterways strip mall who lambasted me for suggesting to people that mercury fillings were dangerous. He swore that the mercury was alloyed and contained in the filling and that it simply did not vaporize into the body or seep in to ones body as those I follow claim. The cognitive dissonance he exhibited when I told him “he may be wrong” was an eye opener and dangerous. In fact,
he was so convinced himself that he proudly told me he had mercury fillings in his own teeth. At least he was not hypocritical. These are the type of dentists, in spite of being well intended, observant, and excellent people in most other areas, that one must run away from as fast and far away as possible when visiting a dentist. Think about the logic, if you see a child grabbing a quarter or nickel and placing it in his mouth to suck on, we
adults immediately run to scoop it out of their mouths. We know this is not a healthy lollipop for a child. Then, why should we live with any type of metal lollipop in our sacred mouth allowing our salivary glands to mix in and transport metallic stuff to the rest of our body? Considering that mercury is the second most poisonous substance (after polonium), this is unbelievable. I believe I read that in six-6 countries in Europe, placing
“mercury fillings” is illegal and the dentists go to jail if they violate this. In the USA, it is currently illegal only for pregnant women in California.

AG: What message/advice would you like to share with others?

To recognize that you must take complete responsibility for your health and become informed before submitting your body to drugs/chemicals that cause more harm than good. That we were probably not created to ingest or place metals, especially mercury, inside our mouths, but a few of these outside our bodies as jewelry. The mouth is “holy ground” and beware of the chemicals that are transported through from water and manufactured foods. Every tooth is an organ by itself and one would not leave a dead or
infected organ “hanging” inside of you (as in dead teeth) because of the negative side effects of it decomposing. Beware of doctors and especially dentists, who “don’t get it” and who do not suggest first an alternative healthy way of healing. You have the right to “fire” your doctor and dentist by simply walking away when in doubt or when the dentist is not clear on this matter. Find yourself a “metal free” or at least, a “mercury free”
dentist. Find a dentist who specializes in removing and replacing mercury, not just any dentist who claims to do this sporadically. There is no room for error when removing and replacing mercury.

Regarding Cancer, I agree with those that suggest it is does not strike or infect someone like the flu where it arrives with little prior notice. Cancer is a result of the immune system losing a long hard battle inside of us to toxicity. This battle may have been raging for years or decades before the symptoms reveal themselves as cancer is the last stand where the body is saying “enough is enough.” At least, in two to three months, one may
undo the damage of decades. It helps to pray, to accept, to seek divine intervention and help from others as long as they don’t create more havoc with more chemicals.

The following sources should help:

AG: How long have you been in remission? How often do you retest?

I am cured after turning the balance of my body from toxic to a stronger and healthy immune system and expunging cancer along the way following Hula Clark’s protocol. I don’t consider myself in remission since this implies a possible temporary situation like something dormant with the probability of re-awakening and attacking such as a hungry lion after napping. The beauty of the body is that it prefers to heal itself after removing toxicity. The Clark protocol goes after the root cause of toxicity and not only the symptoms. With G-d’s help, I expect my earthly mortality to be manifested in a manner unrelated to cancer and hopefully take many decades to prove. In terms of retesting, I take blood tests every couple of months that shed some important markers. Although I have Submitted myself to three CT scans in one year (the first to diagnose and the last two confirming absence), CT scans are quite toxic imparting the equivalent radiation of 400 to 500 hundreds of X rays. These studies indicate that taking too many
CT scans increases the likelihood of contracting cancer
and ) I agree with those that state CT scans should only be done in life threatening situations and not with the frequency oncologists typically prescribe. In addition, there is a huge conflict of interest. CT Scans are very profitable for the Cancer industry and the prescribing doctors while dangerous for the patient.

My own body and its signals will indicate to me if something goes awry such as was the case when this adventure began a year ago, when a hard swollen lymph node took hold!

AG: Anything else you want to share that I didn’t ask?

Studies indicate that the third leading cause of death in America after heart related diseases and cancer, is the medical industry itself (The China Study claims the medical industry kills about 250,000 per year). In fact, most of these were not misdiagnoses but rather, the supposedly correct prescriptions.

I am neither in the health industry, nor do I ever wish to have any economic benefit from others health misfortunes. Yet, If I can help others by speaking to groups of people or listening to them and sharing my experience one-on-one, then I am availableyou have my number. So far, I am thrilled this has helped a few people. One lady had found melanoma and had surgery scheduled to remove a piece of her ear lobe along with the malignant skin. She postponed her surgery and instead, dove completely into the same program I did. She had 22 mercury fillings. The good news is that after completing this program, her melanoma trace was gone and her surgery
cancelled. Now that felt good!!

Isaac Menda was born in Puerto Rico, from parents who fled Castro’s Cuba. His father, Rafael, born in Italy, during WWll escaping Europe, was allowed to disembark in Cuba with his parents becoming the only handful of survivors in the ill-fated ship “Flanders.” All three sisters, eight nephews and nieces reside in S. Florida. The four grandparents, on the other side, were all born in Turkey.

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