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Success Stories

My own “911′ experience has had a profound impact on my life. On 5/5/2008 I didn’t even have the breath to call ‘911’/emergency for help, I was struggling to breath due to a pulmonary condition, My airways shut down, I was struggling to breathe & I went into sinus tachycardia. My heart felt like it was beating a thouand times a minute and I didn’t think I would survive. As I was saying my goodbye’s to the world, I stopped a minute to pray to g-d to give me the breath to call for help. I was then able to whisper into the phone so I could get the emergency care I needed. The paramedics were able to get into my apartment and render emergency care. I ended up in the ER, then ICU for 6 days. I was hooked up to a telemetry (cardiac) monitor, IV antiobiotics, IV steroids, oxygen & I had to have respiratory treatments every 4 hrs around the clock. I struggled to get my breathing acceptable levels and it then took me months after discharge to gain back the pulmonary function to be able to speak more than a few words and walk more than a few feet without getting short of breath. It took everything I had to get well. I used the power of positive thinking, faith, will and all the strength I could gather to recover. I have since dedicated my life, mission and purpose to healing on all levels and helping others to do so. I learned many healing tips via my healing journey, starting with taking an active role in my recovering my health, researching and getting at the source of my pulmonary issue. I am now receiving montly injections of Xolair to prevent my lungs from having another toxic reaction. I connected to every positive resource spirtually, mentally and physically. I’d like to share what I have learned with others to help expedite and help them succeed in the healing process. Getting to the source of the illness, finding the right healers, services, products and getting the right support and TEAM is key. May you join the HEALING HOPE TEAM and the healing mission – to help yourself or someone to heal and/or obtain optimal health; from helping one individual to healing the world. Please be the next link…

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