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BIoReigns- become a better YOU – enhance health naturally!

revitalize mind / body, boost stamina, improve sleep – reduce pain / inflammation,  -& more

game changing CRT technology.: 

BioReigns Rapid Cell technology-

Nourishing  your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs every day is challenging. So make it easier by working with your body, instead of against it. AbioReigns, ses an exclusive nutrient-delivery technology, rapidCT, to maximize the bioavailability of all their health and wellness products.

RTC – turns oil soluble ingredients into water soluble- which enhances weight loss; sleep; and reduction of pain/ inflammation and more. 

Pur topical products use the same technology for pain relief, younger skin plus more!

This technology is borrowed from the pharmaceutical industry, but BioReigns uses it on difficult to absorb ingredients like CBD, Curcumin and MCT oil. Instead of being absorbed in the gut, which tends to allow a bioavailability of around 5%, these ingredients are mostly absorbed in the mouth and esophagus at around 98%

Nourishing  your body with the vitamins and minerals

Key products

  • Limitless 
  • BioRelief Creme 
  • AVC Biotics 
  • Vital IQ gummy / collagen 
  • CBD gummy regular 
  • Bio Reset Pack 
  • Promo Package
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