TLC – Total Life Changes

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TLC – Total Life Changes – natural options for a healthy lifestyle

Natural options for a healthy lifestyle- & energy / weight / sleep / muscle / joint health

Featuring items for energy -calming – weight control -joint/muscle health -and more including

  1. Nutraburst -dietary supplement for energy
  2. Alleviate -creme for sore muscles/ joint and muscle pain 
  3. Stem Sense-anti-inflammatory compounds for muscles/joints 
  4. Hemp line-full spectrum hemp products to calm / de-stress-  Harmony drops  & lemon instant tea
  5. Matrox – 100 % plant based nutrition shake- healthy meal replacement
  6. Sea moss -92 vitamins /minerals/ fiber/ appetite control 
  7. Techui – superfood & anti-oxidant 
  8. Weight/appetite control and digestion aids

Resolution Drops – appetite suppressant to support healthy weight plus a meal plan 
Detox Tea – also great for weight loss .Instant tea – sachets -appetite suppressant for weight loss.

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