HEALY – Revolutionary Wellness & Balancing System

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Revolutionary Wellness & Balancing System Pain Relief; Well-being;

Mental Clarity; harmonize biogenetic field; plus

Digital nutrition app & •IMF- Individual Microcurrent Frequencies


Healy Supports your Health-  and well-being 

The Healy Comes In Various EditionsDesigned to Harmonize Your Bioenergetic FieldThe Healy is a small but very versatile device (controlled by your Apple or Android smartphone) that uses Individualized Microcurrent Frequency (IMF) programs to harmonize your Bioenergetic Field for many important areas of life

Holistic Health is the sense of unity and coherence of body, mind and soul, experiencing an all inclusive wellbeing and vitality. It allows you to participate in life to your full capacity.To help you get started with the right combination of a Healy device and its Individualized Microcurrent Frequency (IMF) program groups, cheek the Healy Editions for your convenience. Each consists of a Healy device and a number of Healy IMF program groups for harmonization of your Bioenergetic Field.

Pain Relief

Your Reliable Companion for Pain ReliefConstant or sudden pain can take away much of what makes life worth living. For many pain sufferers, it becomes the main focus of their life and their thinking

Programs for Your Pain Relief- Healy is designed to provide you with applications for various local, acute or chronic pain conditions and muscle soreness that can get you down


  • Gold Cycle 
  • Bioenergetic Support 
  • Program for Pain locally 
  • Digital Nutrition App -& IMF programs – lists of foods are selected for you based on what substances your system needed plus IMF programs

Health Advisor Search app

To find the right Healy IMF programs for you 

Healy Coil- Cable-free Harmonization of the Bioenergetic Field-transmits Healy frequencies without cables!

Know Your Body with the Healy Watch™Determine Your Body Mind Soul BalanceThe Healy Watch makes Healy a closed feedback system for body and mind. It measures your bioenergetic state through an analysis of BRA (Bioenergetic Rhythm Analysis) and HRV (Heart Rate Variability), quickly and easily. Using the Healy Watch you can monitor the status of your Bioenergetic Field. 

The Healy Watch Connector Module is also available that can analyze measurement data to find the frequencies that help you relax, reduce stress and support your fitness goals.

The Organ Clock

The Healy Watch Organ Clock always provides the right Healy IMF Meridian program for the organ that is active at the current time of day to support harmonization of the Bioenergetic Field, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM principles)

For PET Health 

What Healy IMF Programs Can Do for Your PetTo help you decide which Healy IMF program is appropriate for your animal, the Animal module of the HealAdvisor App will guide you step by step. The HealAdvisor Animal module is designed to harmonize your animal’s Bioenergetic Field in a simple, versatile and holistic way.

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