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> Turn back time/ reverse aging with R.F. radio frequency •Natural Anti-aging and fat reduction solutions- including mobile / in home options

> FDA approved and featured in John Hopkins Medical Center. •safe and affordable
> •reverse aging- reduce lines and wrinkles. Lift & tighten sagging skin- face- neck- arms & more ..

> ‘Natural facelift’- Natural results seen after the first treatment plus contours and tightens the skin. Facial treatments can include the eye area as well as the neck/ chin to reduce lines and wrinkles

> *No surgery, pain or discomfort.   No needles or side effects or down time.

> -Treatment for most areas of the body and for fat reduction, cellulite, and stretch marks, including the arms to lift and tighten sagging skin

> *Treatment options include various locations or in the comfort of your  home by the national trainer for aesthetic medical devices. Free on-site training with any equipment purchase

> * mention healinghopeteam for treatment & purchase discounts

> Sculptaderm R.F. -Dermatone USA was founded in 2004 to bring the state of the art and pain free technologies to the aesthetic field to restore/ increase collagen and elastin.

> R.F. immediately begins to tighten and restore new collagen and elastin, improving skin firmness, hydration and tone. Also recommended for  best results pre-or post facial/cranial/or abdomen tightening surgery

> Cindy Miropol. O.T.R. ,
> Certified Health Coach          786-457-6832

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