natural solutions for you / your home & pets

– FDA approved technology to keep air/surfaces clean & safe https://www.vollara.com/healinghope

*FDA approved technology, including-*air purifiers-to keep your home/office clean & safe- -*water filters

– reduce chemicals, clear the air;  clean laundry without detergent (plus save electricity in your home via Laundry Pro) & more..

-plus AIRBORNE-SARS-CoV-2 virus reduction-destroys 99.9% in 3 minutes from air/surfaces


Vollara air purifier with ActivePure technology, is  the most effective /scientifically proven product to protect you, your family, and business… 

* 99 % reduction of SARS-CoV-2 (virus that causes COVID-19)- airborne/all surfaces- within  3000 sq ft, in 3 minutes.

-Reduce chemicals, clear the air of odors & harmful bacteria / viruses with FDA approved technology;

-Scientifically proven to purify air & Reduce surface contaminants and pathogens.

Most of Vollara’s air products are equipped with exclusive, award-winning ActivePure Technology that safely eliminates nearly 100% of airborne and surface bacteria, viruses, mold, fungus + VOCs. SURFACE PRO-is OZONE-FREE

– Smaller /portable units are also available- -3000 sq ft; 500 sq ft; and 5 sq feet    (* click to samples/air purifier option below)

HOME AND COMMERCIAL AIR PURIFIERS– ActivePure Pro (NASA technology-FDA approved)

kills all droplets and other harmful particles in 3 seconds of contact, which includes airborne and surface).

.- 2,500 units were sold to the Philadelphia School System and 25 units to Cleveland Clinic for all their operating rooms

– ActivePure technology & testing data:https://www.activepure.com/

– 2 Min ActivePure Intro video:   https://tinyurl.com/vollaranow



DATA.  ( *click ) 

CNBC with CEO of ActivePure:


Deeper dive 10 Min presentation by Michael Jackson / CEO Vollara presentation: 



VOLLARA RETAIL GUIDE- https://vollara.blob.core.windows.net/resources-prod/New%20Items/Important%20Documents/VollaraDemo_Retail_User-Guide__1020.pdf

Details-top reasons to use …..(click to details)

– Not a filter but a device that emits positive and negative charged ions to “seek and destroy” small, harmful particles in the air including bacteria, viruses, mold, pollen and more!

https://tinyurl.com/vob2b to see how it works!

–  Same technology used by NASA in the space station-main ActivePure technology site with testing data: https://www.activepure.com/                             

–  Eliminates odors without the use of ozone

–  Portable and easy to install

–  Dr. Deborah Birx joins ActivePure® Technologies as Chief Scientific and Medical Advisor

– Especially important to protect those over 60, or those with health issues or pregnant

– Disinfect your home or take it with you when visiting offices/homes, etc.

-–Can be used in homes, offices, restaurants and other public places

– Offers referral commission option if you choose to promote to others




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